BlackBerry Cell Phones: How the Classic BlackBerry Look Got an Upgrade

When you mention the words PDA or Personal Digital Assistant, wireless handheld devices and mobile phones, one of the first brands which usually come to mind is BlackBerry.
Unlike other companies which name the models of the products that they manufacture after the business itself, RIM or Research In Motion came up with an entirely different name for the products that they manufacture: BlackBerry. RIM has been in operation since 1984 – and they are a pioneer when it comes to developing innovative wireless handheld devices.
In fact, BlackBerry handhelds have become such a hit when they first came out because of the convenience enjoyed by those who are in the corporate world. Instead of needing to check on your work-related e-mail messages by logging into a physical computer with an Internet connection, you can do it instead through your BlackBerry.
How the Classic BlackBerry Look Got an Upgrade
The first handheld devices released by BlackBerry had the look of a real classic: black, sleek, a bit heavy and bulky, but it has a full QWERTY keyboard and a bunch of great features which make them the ultimate electronic device.
So how did the classic look get an upgrade? Just as it is with other products – especially when it comes to electronic gadgets – there is a need to keep up with what the general consuming public wants. As such, RIM had to develop newer BlackBerry models – which evolved from being wireless handheld devices to a full-fledged, modern smartphone that a lot of mobile phone users prefer.
From Past to Present: A Glimpse at Some of the Old & New BlackBerry Devices
It's amazing how models like the BlackBerry 7700, 7510, 7200, 6510 and even the pager-like RIM 850/950 started the success of the BlackBerry family. These monochrome, Java-based devices were upgraded to come up with the 7000 BlackBerry series which are the first color models of the handheld devices.
Then, to meet the increasing demand of the general consumer to imitate the look that a typical mobile phone has, BlackBerry came up with the first SureType models or the 7100 series.
Finally, there are the consumer models which include the 8000 to 9000 series. These two series of BlackBerry phone already include the Electron, Pearl, 88XX, Curve, Bold and Storm models.
This interesting evolution of the BlackBerry products just goes to show how important it is for a company like RIM to keep up with the times. Naturally, they are serving the general consuming public while trying to stay ahead of their direct competitors at the same time.
It's a good thing that the brains behind the BlackBerry models have managed to rise up to the challenge of creating sleek and top-of-the-line handheld devices and BlackBerry mobile phones.
Today, you can visit the virtual BlackBerry store or go to your mobile phone provider – and be amazed at the variety of handheld devices and mobile phones under the brand which you will be more than happy to own.
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