CDMA Cell Phones: Familiarize Yourself with Mobile Technologies

When purchasing any type of product or service, what is the first thing that you usually take into consideration? It probably depends on the item that you are planning to purchase.
Let's say that you are considering which mobile phone to buy next. Here are a few questions that you should ask: - What is the brand of cell phone that I should go for?
- When it comes to the physical aspect of the mobile phone, should I go for a clamshell type, a candy bar, one with a touch
screen, one with a full QWERTY keyboard or a smartphone?
- Do I want a good camera phone, a good music phone, or a cell phone which can double up as a Personal Digital Assistant?
- Does my mobile phone carrier offer the brand and model of cell phone that I have in mind?
After going through this checklist, there is one more question that you need to add: what is the type of technology which is used in manufacturing the mobile phone? For this, the answer should be CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access.
What CDMA Cell Phones are All About
The younger generation may not necessarily be familiar with the first types of technology which were used in the manufacturing of mobile phones. Although the technology is not being applied in the United States anymore, there may be existing mobile phone units which still carry this brand of technology: TDMA or Time Division Multiple Access.
This is the type of mobile phone technology which emerged prior to CDMA. Basically, CDMA was used in GSM phones with 2G or second generation applications. What makes this type of technology stand out from the rest is the fact that international roaming calls is not difficult at all.
Now, the type of technology which succeeded TDMA is CDMA. This is the most prominent and dominant type of mobile phone technology which is being applied in the industry today.
What makes CDMA better than its predecessor is the fact that it can be used in 3G or third generation applications. One other advantage of CDMA is that if you have this technology applied in the manufacturing of your mobile phone, you will get to enjoy better coverage.
CDMA cell phones are also great to use if you are traveling internationally. Rather than paying high international roaming charges, what you can do instead is purchase prepaid GSM cards which can be used internationally so that you can save on the costs of the call.
A Final Word about CDMA Cell Phones
As you can see, there are a lot of advantages that you as a mobile phone user will get to enjoy with CDMA technology. Since this type of technology occupies a dominant part of the market, you might as well purchase a CDMA cell phone so that you can enjoy all its amazing features, have better coverage for your calls and get the most out of the latest that mobile technology has to offer.
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