GSM Cell Phones Advantages of their use

GSM is the fastest, most secured, and highly reliable network for international mobile communication. Cell phones on the GSM network have always enjoyed superior technology and innovative communications features.
Because of the fully integrated communication capabilities, you can certainly enjoy richer mobile communication using GSM cell phones. Latest models of GSM cell phones today can provide fully featured voice, data, video, and Internet browsing capabilities.
Another strong feature of GSM mobile devices is network security. Data and signal are fully encrypted by the network before they pass through the airwaves. This can effectively protect you from communication disruptions and fraud.
Most importantly, GSM cell phones are fully supported by more than 80% of international carriers and networks. This means your cell phone can operate internationally because of this service feature.
Three Types of Frequency Bands Supported on the GSM Network
There are three types of frequency bands supported by the GSM network. This is one of the great advantages you can get from GSM cell phones. Specifically, GSM phones works on dual band, tri band and quad band radio frequencies. Such multi band support allows you to use your cell phone anywhere in the world.
Dual band GSM mobile communication devices work on 90 MHz and 1800 MHz spectrum. This frequency is used on countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and in some areas of Australia, South America and New Zealand.
If the mobile GSM phone is on tri band, the supported radio frequencies are 90, 1800, and 1900 MHz bands. Your cell phone therefore can be used within the North American region and countries supporting dual band frequency.
Quad band GSM phones are supported on all frequencies plus 850 MHz band used in some parts of South America. Once your phone is supported on 4 different frequency bands, then you can enjoy global roaming services. You can use your GSM cell phone anywhere as long as there is an existing carrier.
More Secured Communication Transmission
Disruption and communication security breach on the GSM network is nil. That’s because the network utilizes military garde Time Divisional Multi Access technology. Such technology has been the standard used on military communication facilities.
TDMA allows access to multiple users using any available communication channels. Signal and data transmission will pass through a single radio frequency. This allows for smooth access and uninterrupted data and voice transmissions.
TDMA is being used by GSM networks as a standard communication technology. All affiliated GSM carriers and mobile service providers follow this standard. That is why you can enjoy international mobile connectivity with clear signals and minimal disruptions. You will seldom experience signal drop offs and fluctuation if you are using GSM cell phones.
This technology also protects your communication from external threats. You can certainly enjoy secured communication if your cell phone is on the GSM network.
There are numerous advantages you can enjoy from GSM cell phones. You can get multi dimensional service features from a GSM cell phone. Because of this, your mobile communication experience can improve significantly. You can also get superior security and protection if your mobile communication device operates on the GSM network.
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