Palm Treo Cell Phones Series: Moving Forward

Palm Treo Cell Phones weren’t always the hottest things around. Many people used to feel weird about having a mobile phone with a QWERTY keypad, and didn’t feel comfortable having all their needs answered by a single device – something to do with putting all their eggs in one basket.
However, a select few recognized the ease and economical value of having a gadget Palm Treo Cell Phones which served as mobile phone, pocket PC and personal digital assistant (PDA) all in one. Palm responded by releasing the Treo series in 2002, which served as the forerunner of all Smartphones to come.
Even before the Treo, Palm was already a master of mobile computing technology. It’s pilot product, aptly named the Palm Pilot, was launched in 1996 and served as a PDA and pocket PC. The Treo series was developed as part of a foreseen rise in demand for all in one devices – which define the Smartphone now. A medium to use to surf the net and check and send emails, store presentations and read and create documents, as well as make phone calls and send and receive text messages, the Smartphone has become a necessity for many individuals who have a fast-paced lifestyle and have no time to sort through multiple gadgets with only specific functions.
Eighteen Smartphone models belong to the Palm Treo series, beginning with the Treo 180 in 2002. Before that, there was the Treo 90 – which, while technically belonging to the series, was not a Smart phone. The first Smartphone, the Treo 180 and 180g, had a flip-form design which housed a basic PDA / pocket PC / mobile phone combination with a monochrome screen. Palm was quick to improve on the last feature though, coming out with the Palm Treo 270 in the same year, which sported a colored screen. Colored screen may be the norm now, but it was a big deal back then.
The following years of 2003 and 2004 saw the release of the Treo 600 and 650 series models, all of whom had buffed up features from their predecessors they were also the first of the series to have Bluetooth technology and built in cameras.
The next batch of Palm Treo Smartphones came out in 2006, with the 700 and 750 models released to consumers. These models had a built in camera with higher megapixels, a bigger internal memory, and ran on Palm OS 5. 2006 also marked the year the Palm Treo 680 was released, which was quad band and the first in the series to be without the stubby antennae that was standard in older models.
The now of the illustrious Palm Treo Smartphone series is the Palm Treo Pro and the Palm Treo 800w. Equipped with the most modern features such as touchscreen interface (while retaining the QUERTY keypad for those who are more comfortable pressing buttons) and wireless connectivity features like Wi-Fi. They also do not run on Palm OS 5 anymore – unlike all the older models – but have Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Edition as their operating system.
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