Pantech Cell Phones: Why do they Have the Potential?

Pantech entered the US cell phone market with its small clamshell models. Because of this Pantech cell phones have been connoted to have such design. While that was true in its first years in the market, Pantech has evolved to providing some of the most innovative designs. Some Pantech cell phones also have the straightforward design.
This is certainly quite apparent if you look at the current Pantech cell phones in the market. You will notice that Pantech Duo, Pantech Breeze, Pantech Matrix, Pantech Slate, Pantech C610 and Pantech C630 come in many shapes and sizes.
The Most Popular Pantech Duo and Pantech Breeze
Although Pantech Breeze came later than the Pantech Duo, this model actually displays simpler features. In fact, it was deliberately made so to provide for the first time users and for the elderly. It was a strategy to capture some of the users in this segment.
Pantech Breeze boasted of its simplicity through it simplified menu, larger screen and oversized buttons. All of these features were directed for the said market in order to facilitate easier cell phone use. Still, Pantech provided this model with a built in camera. To make this feature user friendly, easier access was provided through a dedicated hard key. To assist people when dialing, the audio function of the numeric keypad can be turned on so users will know which numbers they dialed.
Pantech Duo, on the other hand, provides for the more demanding cell phone users. It is equipped with two sets of keyboards. One is the regular cell phone numeric keypad while the other one is the QWERTY keyboard provided in this model. With this model, one would have the option which keyboard to use when typing text messages and emails. If you want quality music and TV showing, Pantech Duo will be able to deliver these through the AT&T services. It also utilizes the Window mobile operating system so downloading is even made faster. This model also provides the Windows Media Player 10 and Internet Explorer mobile.
Pantech Produces the Thinnest QWERTY Device
Less than a centimeter thin, Pantech Slate is the thinnest device with a QWERTY keyboard in the world. Pantech surely created an innovation in Pantech Slate. It provides an easy chat and text messaging capabilities in a cell phone. Of course, a built in camera is also provided in this model and Bluetooth is also supported.
3G and More
Three of the latest smart devices are the Pantech Matrix, Pantech C610 and Pantech C630. All three are 3G, GSM, CDM capable so live video conversations are certainly a possibility here. GPS is also another feature that these models have so road navigation is also facilitated.
Pantech and Its Offering
All the current smart devices have their own distinct strength and style from each other. People who are more concerned with features rather than popularity could be inclined to try one of them for their own personal use. They seems to be good with packing its cell phones with features. If Pantech can bring its cell phones closer to the users, Pantech cell phones certainly have good chances of getting more attention because of the great features in them.
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